Our Strategy

From the beginning to now Amin Jewellers Ltd. takes care about customers & their rights. For lives long good relationship with its customers, Amin Jewellers Ltd. maintains a unique business strategy. Any products, Gold or Diamond Jewellery, can be upgrade, exchange or refund purchases from Amin Jewellers Ltd. Original Invoice or Proof of Purchase must be shown to Amin Jewellers Ltd. for upgrade, exchange or refund & conditions apply to all products of Amin Jewellers Ltd.

Gold or Diamond Jewellery can be exchange or upgrade either for Gold or Diamond Jewellery. Exchange or upgrade value will be calculated at the usual current price of Gold, and after the deduction of manufacturing costs and stone weight.


1. We Exchange our sold ornaments by deducting the cost of stone, making charge and 10% of gold per gram.
2. We purchase our sold ornaments on cash by deducting the cost of stone, making charge and 20% of gold per gram.
3. Please bring the cash memo at the time of sale and exchange.
Thank you for your visit to our website, in all cases rules and regulations of the Bangladesh Jewellers Association applicable.